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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Big Results for Spay/Neuter Campaign

Kirksville, MO – May 22, 2012

The Adair County Humane Society (ACHS) reports that their third annual March “Be a PAL -- Prevent a Litter” campaign got big results: one hundred and eighty three animals – 96 cats and 87 dogs – were fixed during the 2012 campaign.  Within the first three campaigns, a total of 496 animals were spayed or neutered.

“We kept five hundred animals from becoming twenty five hundred animals,” noted ACHS board member Bridget Thomas.  “And that’s assuming each animal would have had only one moderately sized litter; they often have many more.  This is a significant achievement for our community.” 

Thomas remarked that community support of this campaign is critical to the ACHS as its shelter takes in many homeless dogs and cats every day.   “We don’t need to keep making more dogs and cats.  There are already more than enough good, deserving animals waiting at the shelter for adoption.”

During March 2012, seven local veterinary clinics in Kirksville, Edina, Lancaster, La Plata, and Unionville offered reduced rates for spay/neuter procedures.  Additionally, anyone who fixed their dog or cat was eligible to win a prize in a drawing.   Finally, the ACHS distributed one hundred and forty $50 spay/neuter certificates to people in financial need; these certificates were made possible by special grants from the ASPCA and the Pedigree Foundation, as well as donations from local supporters. 

“Some people may not have been able to take part in our March campaign because their pet was already pregnant or nursing a litter,” Thomas said.  “In that case you won’t want to wait until next March to get your animal fixed.  Do it now.  Do it this summer. Do it before she gets pregnant again.  It’s cheaper to spay or neuter an animal than it is to care for a mama dog and her litter of puppies or kittens.” 

The ACHS will make its regular spay/neuter certificates (each worth $15) available through the summer to those who could not otherwise afford the procedure.  People may request this assistance from the Adair County Animal Shelter (Hwy. 6 West) during regular business hours (M-F 9:00-4:00 and Saturday 9:00-12:00). 

Those interested in supporting this campaign may send tax deductible donations to P.O. Box  481 in Kirksville.