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Please don't buy animals from breeders and please don't let your animals reproduce!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Incentives to Spay/Neuter during March 2011

The Adair County Humane Society is pleased to announce our second annual “Be a PAL – Prevent a Litter” spay/neuter campaign:

1) Several local veterinarians have agreed to reduce their rates for spay/neuter during this month.  (See post below for more details.)

2) 100 spay/neuter certificates worth up to $50 will be available for those in financial need.  Certificates may be picked up from the Animal Shelter starting on February 15.

3) Anyone who spays or neuters their dog and/or cat during March 2011 will be eligible to enter our prize drawing.  Our grand prize will be a Nintendo Wii game console donated by a private individual; other prizes have been donated by local businesses.

Questions?  Feel free to type them below.


  1. Do we just come in and pick the coupon up starting on 2/15, do we have to bring any paper work?

  2. Yes, just come by the shelter -- starting on Tuesday, the 15th -- to pick up your coupon! Remember quantities are limited, so we will allow only two coupons per household except in extraordinary circumstances.

  3. What time do you open to start giving them out?

  4. 9:00 AM. (Normal shelter hours are Monday-Friday from 9-4, and Saturday 9-12.) Thanks for your interest!