Spay and Neuter!

There are more than enough friendly, handsome, and cuddly dogs and cats waiting at shelters to be adopted.
Please don't buy animals from breeders and please don't let your animals reproduce!

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Sixty $50 Coupons Have Been Claimed!

As of today, all sixty of our special $50 "Prevent a Litter" spay/neuter certificates have been claimed.  If you were lucky enough to receive one of these certificates, remember that they must be redeemed before the end of March.  If you did not receive a certificate, remember that you can still receive a discounted rate for spay/neuter this month at several local veterinarians PLUS enter your name in a prize drawing. 

Please spread the word: this is the month to spay/neuter your dog or cat!